Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CS-BTE new update 1.3 [Counter-Strike Break Trough Edition 1.3]

Speech guys here is the DarkWarriorPT and come here today to bring you a new update of CS-BTE which is at 1.3 brings much new content and also some changes in the game itself. Below check out the complete list of all the new content that brings this update. Enjoy.

  • Added Effects:
    • CG.
    • Water Reflection.
  • New Weapons:
    • Dual Katana.
    • KingCobra.
  • Improvement "Fun" - type "bte_fun" the console will open a menu related thereto.
  • Points and missions you can get tattoos and other weapons.
  • HUD's "ExtraAmmo" Improved; Effect "Firecracker" Improved.
  • Bugfix:
    • Fixed Bug's Life "HP".
    • Fixed Bug Collect the "Armor".
    • Bug Fixed exchange of Ammo "Ammo".
    • Fixed Bug HUD.
    • Fixed Bug in Arms Ammunition extra.
    • Fixed Bug Damage Skull-9.
    • Fixed Bug of Weapon - "SFMG."
    • Fixed Bug of Action "Infinitys."
    • Fixed Bug the TGA "Bug ​​of the White Hands"
    • Among Others ...
(List subject to change ...)

Thanks a whole team of CS-BTE throughout this Great Work and thanks for letting the "CSOBR" or "CSOMania" make changes in the game as translation among other new weapons. Thanks CS-BTE!!

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CS-BTE new update 1.3 [Counter-Strike Break Trough Edition 1.3]


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